I had been doing music videos at a local level in the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area since 2013. Kyle got started when he went to SCAD, before dropping out. It was a conjunction of efforts that brought about 2400 Kelvins. I made my first "film" around the age of eight; stop motion with a toy Godzilla. I actually gave Kyle his first camera, my original clunker. It was one of those circa 2006 Panasonic digital handicams that shot 16:9 but not HD, to boot with the shitty Opteka fisheye lens. It served its purpose. From skateboarding to music videos, I suppose. A lot of trial and error along the way. And now, it's a whole lot more than music videos.
2400k is a school of thought. Crumble the conventions. Or, in the words of Killer Mike, kill your masters. We want to build this culture. We want to spread these stories on a platform of our own conception, with our own momentum, because we can and because I'm worried not enough people share that confidence when it comes to their own narratives.
A culture and a vessel, we listen to your aspirations, we gather a well-rounded perspective on your brand, your energy, and where it lives in the marketplace. We recognize your differentiators, and we use this analysis to develop a plan of attack. Bring us your idea in any stage, be it full-formed or fledgling, and we will take care of the rest.
Established in 2016 by the good homies, 2400 Kelvins is an all-inclusive media service. We take pride in maintaining a heavy focus on helping our clients get the most play for their dollar.
words by Coop
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